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Book an English Notary Interpreter

Make an appointment free of obligation

You can book an interpreting appointment by completing the form below. You do so free of obligation, so don’t worry, you won’t commit yourself to anything yet.

After I’ve received your request, I will get in touch with you as soon as I can to discuss the further details.

Good to know

If you agree to the fee, I will send you an invoice one week prior to the appointment at the notary. This invoice must be paid within one working day.

I would like to receive drafts of the transfer and mortgage deeds, the cohabitation agreement and/or the wills as soon as they are available. This helps me to prepare for the appointment.

The notary will need a copy of my identification card and my interpreter’s card. I prefer to send them directly to the notary’s office myself. I would therefore also like to receive the details of your contact person at the notary’s office.

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