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Legal Translations


Translating legal documents, such as general terms and conditions, contracts, petitions, applications or statutes, requires precision. There is no room for interpretation in legal translation for these types of documents – the translation must form a comprehensive document in its entirety. Also, the legal system that applies to the text must be taken into account. Is civil law concerned or rather common law? In other words, will Dutch law apply to the translation, English or American law, or perhaps even another law?

We think along with you

The translators and editors at Tupelo Translations are well-versed in the various legal systems and know which registers and sources to consult. In fact, we’ll even let you know when we suspect that a definition or a sentence in the original text isn’t quite right and provide you with suggestions to improve it.

We don’t only translate for you, we go the extra mile.

What do you need?

The translators and editors at Tupelo Translations are specialised in the following kinds of text and more:


Don’t see your type of text listed here? Not to worry, we can do plenty more! Request a quote and we will respond to you soon to let you know how we can be of service.

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    Why you choose us

    • EN-NL / NL-EN
    • Legal
    • Certified
    • Experienced
    • Quality
    • Advice

    Urgent translation

    Sometimes you need a translation the same day or in the evening. We understand the importance of your assignment, especially when time is pressing. We are committed to going the extra mile to help you meet your deadline. For these urgent translations, we add a 25% urgency fee to the regular rate.

    This is what clients say about us:

    “Marooned in a foreign country after the airline refused to fly me home because I lost my passport, I was helped by Tupelo Translations that provided an excellent and accurate translation of my Dutch residence permit as part of my struggle to get a replacement. In addition, Bianca’s words of encouragement helped keep my spirits up and her extra online assistance helped me try to circumvent recalcitrant foreign postal systems. Now I anchor in hope.”

    Ms Henshaw Certified Translation
    Ms Henshaw

    “For my employer in Taiwan, Bianca carried out a certified translation very professionally, very fast and properly. She explained to me what steps I had to take in order to obtain the legalisation stamps needed on the certified translation, which she then obtained for me. I would recommend her service to who needs a certified translation.”

    Ms Chang Certified Translation
    Ms Chang

    “Bianca is very quick, good and offers the better price in the Netherlands. She understands what is needed, and I would recommend her for any translating job.”

    Consumer Certified Translation

    “Bianca answered all my emails straight away in a quick and helpful manner. She translated my document, got an apostille for it, and posted it back by recorded delivery within a day. The service is very efficient and competitively priced. I will definitely be using her again and would highly recommend her.”

    Ms Boer CBE Languages
    Ms Boer

    “I have had 4 documents translated from Dutch to English and each time Bianca has done a first rate job. She’s quick and efficient and I would not hesitate in using her services again.”

    Ms Holland Certified Translation
    Ms Holland

    “Bianca is a very professional and experienced translator with reasonable pricing and fast service. She is quick in responding to my messages and patient at explaining things over the phone. Unlike other translators, she outlines the processes of translation and clarifies the exceptions. I highly recommend her and will definitely use her services again in the future!”

    Ms Chan Certified Translation
    Ms Chan

    “Bianca Wijnstekers-Handy and Tupelo translations are one of the best and most efficient certified translation services that I can recommend.”

    Mr Thomas Certified Translation
    Mr Thomas

    “The services of Tupelo Translations contain a high level of poise and professionalism. Bianca, the owner, delivered a detailed translation within a 1-day time frame. I highly recommend her for her translation services. Will definitely work with her again.”

    Mr Devis Certified Translation
    Mr Devis
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    Curious about the cost of a translation of your agreement or contract?

    We don’t only translate for you, we go the extra mile.