Translating legal documents, such as general terms and conditions, applications or contracts requires a very accurate touch. The legal translation of such documents must be airtight; there can be no room for interpretation: the translation must be perfect. In addition, the relevant legal system must be taken into account. Does it concern continental law or common law? In other words: does Dutch law apply to the translation, Anglo-American law, or another law altogether?

Additional Service

Tupelo Translations’ translators and editors are expert at detecting these differences. What’s more, we will indicate if we believe that a definition or sentence in the source document is not entirely correct. For example, it may be that the terms Buyer and Purchaser are mixed up in a purchase agreement. Or a reference may be made to a wrong paragraph.

We do more than only translate for you, we also go the extra mile to ensure your document is 100% right.

Legal Translations

The legal documents in the language combinations Dutch-English and English-Dutch that we translate include:

  • annual reports
  • applications
  • articles of association
  • articles of incorporation
  • attachments
  • bailiff’s notifications
  • catering contracts
  • certificates of good conduct
  • claims
  • contracts
  • declaration of liability
  • deeds
  • diplomas
  • disclaimers
  • distributor agreements
  • extracts from the population register
  • general terms and conditions of sale and delivery
  • indictments
  • loan agreements
  • management agreements
  • memorandum of service
  • minutes
  • notification letters
  • official reports
  • proposed settlements
  • purchase agreements
  • requests for legal assistance
  • rulings/decisions
  • settlement agreements
  • shareholders’ agreements
  • summons
  • witness statements

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