Certified translations are an important part of legal translations. These official translations are necessary in order to prove the authenticity of both the original document and the translation thereof to judicial and government bodies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Certified Translators

Not every translator is authorised to carry out a certified translation. To be able to provide a certified translation the translator must firstly be specialised in legal translations. Secondly, the translator must be listed in the register of certified interpreters and translators. To be registered, he or she must have completed a relevant translation degree or have sufficient equivalent work experience. Qualification papers must be submitted to the Sworn Court Interpreters and Translators Act Bureau. Once the bureau has approved these documents, the translator will be added to the register. Lastly, the translator must submit a request for swearing-in to the local district court, where the judge wil swear in the translator. He or she is now authorised to carry out certified translations for 5 years.

Interpreters and Translators Act Bureau

The register for certified interpreters and translators is equivalent to a quality mark: every five years the translator must obtain 80 permanent education points to show that he or she has kept up to date with the latest subject matters. When the translator has obtained 80 points, his or her registration will be renewed for another five years.

Certified Translations

Tupelo Translations carries out certified translations in the language combinations Dutch-English and English-Dutch for the business sector, judicial bodies and private individuals.

The documents translated by a certified translator include:

  • notarial deeds
  • claims
  • summons
  • articles of associations
  • annual accounts
  • certificates of good conduct
  • divorce decrees
  • extracts from the population register
  • birth certificates
  • diplomas

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